Proposed CA legislation not good news for bicyclists

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Should a public entity or its elected official be immune from lawsuits for merely providing a bike lane?  Assembly Member, Diane Harkey thinks so. Harkey (R-Dana Point) has introduced Assembly Bill 738. This bill, currently being amended, would create new sections of the Government and Vehicle Codes and would provide immunity to a public entity […]

California law does not have a “single-file rule” regarding bicycles

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I recently received an email from a local cyclist who was stopped by a law enforcement officer and told it’s California law to always ride single file. The reader wanted to know if the officer’s information was correct. The answer is no. There is no “single-file rule” in the California Vehicle Code (CVC) regarding bicycles. […]

Sidewalks & Crosswalks

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While driving recently in East Sacramento, I exited on J Street in a dedicated right-hand-turn lane, without traffic controls. A cyclist rode his bike across the crosswalk to my left, popped up on the sidewalk and made a right-hand turn through another crosswalk in front of me. I was irritated and perplexed as a motorist […]

Bicycle Helmets – Should you wear one?

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I’m often asked if wearing a helmet is required while riding a bicycle. The answer is yes — if you’re in California and under age 18. Failure to do so could result in a citation and a fine of $25 for the cyclist or his or her parents. If you are cited for not wearing […]

Is talking and texting on a cell phone illegal while cycling?

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While some California laws apply equally to bicycles and motor vehicles, the law regarding use of a cell phone does not. Last year an expansion of California’s hands-free and anti-texting laws for motorists was proposed. The amendment would have made the law applicable to bicyclists, but the amendment did not pass the Legislature. On a […]

Does California have a three-foot-passing law?

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I overheard two local cyclists talking about a new California law that requires motorists to give cyclists at least three feet of space when passing from behind.  I interjected and told them Governor Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 1464 last year, and there was no such law currently on the books. The California Bicycle Coalition’s […]